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Sound Analysis Software


Avisoft (commercial)

Luscinia (free)

Praat (free)

Raven (inexpensive, non-for-profit)

Sound Analysis Pro (free)

Syrinx (free)

K-L Distance Analysis Description: Used to compare two song motifs using the Kullback-Leibler (K-L) distance between the two-dimensional scatter plots of features. These features are computed using the Sound Analysis Pro software. Full description in Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 174:147, 2008.

Songseq Description: Used to perform an automated, high-throughput, quantitative analysis of bird song syntax. This includes analysis of both temporal and spectral features, and computation of linearity, consistency, and stereotypy scores. Full description in Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 210:147, 2012.

Timing Variability Model. Description: Used to decompose timing variability in stereotyped sequences into three components: global, local and jitter.  Full description in Glaze and Troyer, PLoS ONE, 2012.

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