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You are here: Home Resources Molecular Biology Using Genetically-Altered Viruses in the Brain of Songbird

Using Genetically-Altered Viruses in the Brain of Songbird

by Stephanie White

The goal of this page is to provide a resource of information about using genetically altered viruses in the songbird brain. Click on the links to share what has or has not worked for you.


Type of virus:



Adeno-Associated virus


Pseudo-rabies virus



(under each type of virus, the following headings should appear):

Virus sub-type, e.g. serotype of AAV

Source of virus:

Viral vector core at a university  link to core website, contact person

 UCLA center

 U Iowa center

 UPenn  center

Commercial source: NA at this time         

Colleagues:      link to PI website and/or reference paper


Goal of project:

Anatomical mapping. Example:

Behavioral manipulation. Example:


Optogenetics: Ed Boyden’s webpage

(under each type of project, the following headings should appear):

                Brain region targeted, e. g. song control nucleus, higher order auditory area

                Vector used including promoter(s), e.g. CMV + IRES

Cell type transduced, e.g. excitatory projection neuron

Reporter gene, e.g. GFP


Method of delivery, e.g. stereotaxic neurosurgery

Volume used, e.g. 1 ul per side bilaterally

Spread, e.g. limited to within region of interest, requires multiple injections, or transports to other regions?

Transduction efficiency: % cells transduced & level of transduction/cell

                                Timescale: onset following administration, peak expression, offset

Success or failure?           If failure, possible reasons.