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SFN 2011 Birdsong meeting


1st Annual Songbird Satellite Meeting

Friday, November 11, 2011

Washington Plaza Hotel, 10 Thomas Circle, N.W., Washington, D.C.  20005


8:00-9:00         Breakfast/Poster Setup

SESSION ONE: Vocal Behavior, Neural Coding & Sensorimotor Integration

15-min talks + 5-min questions


9:00-9:20         Dina Lipkind(Ofer Tchernichovski lab)

Experimental manipulation of song syntax acquisition: trial and error learning?

9:25-9:45         Howard Nusbaum(University of Chicago)

Hearing what you see:  Sensorimotor mechanisms in audiovisual speech perception

9:50-10:10       Coffee Break

10:15-10:35     Sam Sober(Emory University; formerly Michael Brainard lab)

Vocal learning and the statistics of sensorimotor experience

10:40-11:00     David Ostry(McGill University)

Functionally specific changes to sensorimotor networks in conjunction with motor learning

11:00-11:20     Jon Prather(University of Wyoming; formerly Rich Mooney lab)

"Integration of Sensory Perception and Motor Performance in the Swamp Sparrow Brain"


11:30-1:30       Posters/Lunch

SESSION TWO: Basal Ganglia – Functional Circuitry & Learning

15-min talks + 5-min questions


1:30-1:50         Bence Olveczky(Harvard University; formerly Michael Fee lab)

The relationship between motor variability and adaptive learning in songbirds and humans”  

1:55-2:15         Rob Turner(Univ. of Pittsburgh)

Motor sequences and the primate basal ganglia

2:20-2:50         Coffee Break

2:55-3:15         Arthur Leblois(CNRS; formerly David Perkel lab)

"Dopamine modulates information flow through the basal ganglia and regulates behavioral variability"

3:20-3:50         Rui Costa(Champalimaud Center for the Unknown)

Generating and Organizing Novel Action Repertoires

3:50-4:10         Stephanie Palmer(Princeton; University of Chicago)

Temporal coding in LMAN switches with behavioral context


4:15-5:15         Workshop

Genomics/molecular workshop co-organized by Ofer Tchernichovski & David Clayton [Participants: Bob Agate (Univ of Mass), Erich Jarvis (Duke Univ), Carlos Lois (Univ of Mass), & Claudio Mello (Oregon Health & Science Univ), Constance Scharff (Freie Univ Berlin), Stephanie White (UCLA)]